November 18, 2006

the name game

My friend Lauraine lost her longtime four-legged pal Louis a few weeks ago. I was thrilled today to get news that she had brought a new dog into her life. Her new pup, like Louis, is a springer spaniel (I use pup liberally, she figures he's between 2 and 3 years old.) She asked for name suggestions, so I figured I'd throw it out on the blog to see if anyone came up with anything. (Now, I did this for my friend Susan and Tim when they were expecting their little girl and only got a couple suggestions, so we will see...!)

Here's what Lauraine has to say about her new guy: "I've been calling him LITTLE GUY, because he's HALF the size of sweet Lou (He's just under 40lbs). He's incrediby sweet and is very very excited to see EVERYONE and every animal, too. He's very wiggly and excitable."

so... any ideas? (and yes, the cone is only temporary!)


Tim said...

Since he's a Springer I suggest the following, playing off of the Springer part of the breed or spring:
Jerry (Springer)
or if he's smart I like the name Socrates or bossy like a General - Ike

Guano said...

I'm a huge fan of giving dogs normal names. None of this cutsey crap.

Call him Dave or something.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jon - LITTLE GUY looks like a Bailey or maybe a Baxter.
(This Maine boy will be in Tempe during the rodeo in January - If I trek to Phoenix, hopefully I'll run into you.)