November 3, 2006

all bushes aren't bad

I ran across this video from 1987 by Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel as one of todays "most linked to" videos - why its being linked to so often today, I haven't found out. I remember this song from college - it was a staple on my college radio show (I know, I'm dating myself), but I had never seen the video before. Since all of my Kate Bush is on cassette (shut up), I had kind of forgotten about her music and how much I liked it. Reading her bio on Wikipedia, its not so suprising. She apparently would disappear for periods of four years or so between albums, and after "The Red Shoes" in 1993, she didn't release another album until "Aerial" last year. I didn't know she had anything recent - I'll have to find it now.
  • "Don't Give Up" video

  • Wikipedia: Kate Bush
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