October 29, 2006

use your senses

During the day on Friday, I wandered around some old buildings downtown and the met up with Louis. He joined me for a tour of the arch (though only mentioned when we were heading to the elevators that he wasn't exactly a fan of heights. Oops. I guess I hadn't been clear that I wanted to go up the arch, not just to it.) It was cold and windy, and you could feel it sway as you peered out these small windows to see the city and the Mississippi below. After that we drove across town to Ted Drewes Frozen Custard. I had asked a lot or people what was indigenous to St Louis foodwise - what could you get here that you wouldn't find most other places. Ted Drewes was one of the only answers people could come up with. Its a one of a kind frozen custard stand thats been around since the 30's (there is a second location during summer months). They are the originator of 'the concrete' - a shake mixed with toppings thats so thick it stays in the cup when you turn it over. Sound familiar? We split the Southern Delight and the Pumpkin Pie. Its worth it. Even on a freezing day, there were plenty of customers. After that, it was off to bundle up in more layers and head to the final game of the World Series... I'm back in LA now, and its nice to be back in the sun, but days like Friday are everything I love about travelling to new places.
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