October 11, 2006

tapas dancing

My friend Darrin took me to dinner last night for my birthday (which is actually today - I'm meeting my friends Lauraine, Tina, and Val near my old place in Silverlake for drinks - more on that tomorrow. And for those of you locals who know me and may not have gotten the invite to the shindig this Saturday, email me! I think some got filtered into spam, etc.)

Anyway, I picked a place nearby in Playa that I have only recently noticed called Minotaure. Tapas is one of my favorite foods, probably because of the variety of tastes that can be had in one place. The place is comfortable and casual, and the service was great. Our waitress seemed to apologetically suggest coming back on a weekend because they had live music and the atmosphere was much different, but I loved how casual it was on an "off" night like Tuesday. Everything we had was great, especially the coconut shrimp, which was huge. If you're local, give it a try. Its on Culver near Vista Del Mar.

  • The Minotaure Restaurant
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