October 26, 2006

red rain

Wednesday I spent most the day in the hotel hunting and surfing for tix online as I watched it pour outside. After the lack of scalpers on Tues, I figured I'd make my main search online on Wed. There were tons available, but I wasn't thrilled with where, and most were pairs. By 6:30, it was time to give up, so I went and jumped on the train and headed to the stadium. I got out and ran into scalpers who wanted too much for too far out - the problem with scalpers here is once you turn em down for one thing, they get mad and wont deal with you the rest of the night. And when there are only a few, that can be a problem. I walked around the block and ran into the guy I bought from the night before - there was a whole group sayin to each other "hes cool, hes not a cop". Noone had any of what I was lookin for, but they knew what I wanted. At about that time a guy walked up with a single behind home plate at face value. huh? okay! Done! I sailed into the crowd to shuffle through the gates, with that momentary touch of panic at the gate when they scan your ticket. Ding. I was in. The game was on rain delay so I found some grub (fried cannoli - surely that has to be regional cause I'd never seen it before!) Everyone was standing around inside eating, drinking, talking (its the only baseball game where I've heard "...stem cells..." while walking past). Imagine a sold out stadium with almost everyone in the hallways and not in their seats. I stood most the time in the archway leading to my seats, listening as everyone had a different story about when they heard the game might start, including the ushers. Eventually, none of em were true, and they called the game.

I was actually a little glad, because it meant I'd have a ticket for the game on Thursday already. Until... they announced that Game 5 would be on Thursday, and Game 4 would be on Friday. Argh. I debated, but ended paying the airfare change and finding a hotel to stay another day. Lets just hope for a dry Friday. I'm taking today off from the Stadium to see some of the town.

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