October 25, 2006

red october

So I spent a good bit of the day yesterday surfing for tickets online - brokers, craigslist, etc. There were some decent options, but not great ones (especially for a single ticket) - if I'm gonna bother to come here for a game, I'm gonna try to get a good seat. Since there were tons of tickets online, I figured I'd go ahead and take my chances with the scalpers on the street. I stopped and grabbed some food at a local favorite, Culpepper's - famous for their hot wings - and they were deservingly so. I jumped on the train down to the Stadium and got up to the street to walk around looking for scalpers. There were hardly any. And half of the few that were there thought I was a cop anyway. (Shut up, they dont have to know that I am - different city, so it doesnt count.) It was looking bleak, and I was freezing. At the last minute I ended up finding an awesome seat for a good price. I scored. Woohoo! I got to my food and beer and got to my seat as the first pitch was happening. Carpenter, the pitcher, was really amazing that night. I love seeing a pitcher take a game a full eight innings.

Busch Stadium is a nice park, but nothing special. Oddly enough, it feels like most of the other newer "retro" ballparks that were designed to replace the old stadiums because the stadiums had no individuality. It doesnt feel much different than Texas or Pittsburgh or Seattle. I'm suprised how many fans and people around town I have overheard saying they miss the old stadium. At least the new stadium can now have some good memories.

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