October 27, 2006

its a hit

I can't be too upset about taking Thursday night off from the stadium - the back and forth was wearing me out. Though, it really was the best game of the series, so it was a hard one to have not been there for. I watched the game with one of my new friends Louis and his friends at a local bar in Soulard. Hardwoods and brick with dartboards and pool tables, it was a good local flaovor kinda spot to be in if not at the Stadium. I hadn't eaten, so afterward we went through a White Castle drive through. While sitting in the drive through line, this guy backs out of his parking space and into my rental car. It was slow and deliberate (and loud) - theres no way he or his passenger didnt know they hit me. As I stared at his license plate in my face, I was shocked as he just drive off. Louis started shouting the number repeatedly and went to find a pen from the car behind us. (Silver Honda Ridgeline with Missouri plate 670-TJ8, for the record). It was one of those stunned "I cant believe that just happened" moments. It looks like between my Visa card will cover all of the damages. The car rental place hardly batted an eye. Apparently this happens all the time. I did notice that when I went to look over my Visa policy, its coverage would NOT apply if I had accepted the car rental company's accident coverage. That might be something to check on yours if you rent cars very often. So in the end, it ended up being little more than a dent in the trip, as well as the car.

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