October 12, 2006

gettin older

Last night for my birthday I met some friends and former coworkers out at The Red Lion Tavern. The Red Lion is a german beergarden a block from my old place in Silverlake. Oddly enough, I never went there that often when I lived there - big mistake on my part, its a great place. It was fun seeing Tina, Val and Jiro, some friends I havent seen in years. Then I joined Lauraine and David and the group headed across the street to the Cha Cha Lounge. When I lived there, it was a gay latino bar called Le Bar. It was kind of sad to see another gay bar gone and turned into a hipster bar faked up to look like an old dive bar, but I suppose thats part of the continued gentrification of Silverlake. I ended the night with an obligatory stop at Jack in the Box (hey, its my birthday, I'm allowed) and came home to the beach. Another year, another 99 cent taco.

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