October 22, 2006

don't shoot

In my work, I often have to be behind the camera (or more often, behind a couple people who are behind the camera). Today, the roles got reversed. A while back, my friend Blake said he wanted to shoot some pics of me for a project he was doing. I didn't take him too seriously. I knew Blake did good work - but I knew he did a lot of Fitness magazine shoots of beautiful people. That ain't me. After he asked me a couple more times, I realized he was serious. I was reluctant, but he sent me some other shots he had done for the project as well as a link to his site. Wow. I was especially floored by his sports photography. Theres something cool about finding out someone you know is really talented. So I agreed. We took a bunch of pics today at his house in the hills and out on Santa Monica Blvd (watch it). It wasn't so bad - it was even kinda fun, though I have no idea if I was doing the right thing or not. Hopefully he got what he wanted. At least his dog Hugo loved me. Well, he loved my leg at least.
  • Blake Little Photography
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    rusty said...

    wow, didn't know you knew such famous people.....actually sell one of his photography books on ebay now and then.