October 28, 2006


So it paid off. Thank goodness I changed the flight and didn't trade my Friday raincheck ticket for a Thursday one. When I was checking out of my hotel, there were several people in the lobby trying to change their plane reservations from Saturday to Sunday. At that point, I got nervous. As I drove to my new hotel, it was just plain pouring. I was just hoping it would work out. By 2pm, the rain had ended - the game was on.

That evening, it was bitterly cold, (though nothing compared to the Boston series), but my new hotel had a shuttle to the game. I ambled on in, for once not having to search for a ticket before the game. That in itself felt like a luxury. My seat was behind David Eckstein's parents and Molina's family. It was fun watching their reactions during the game - Mr Eckstein was particularly animated and proud. It wasn't as much of a nailbiter as Thursdays game, but it had enough back and forth to keep you on the edge, and make the victory particularly sweet. This town was so hungry for a Championship, and after the pine tar incident and the consistent prediction of the Tigers to win in 5 games, it was easy to join in their glee. I have to admit though, nothing yet has still matched the level of excitement and noise at the Angels World Series in 02 - no one ever sat down in those games. But here, the town was all about the game - no matter where you went. That side of the civic excitement was nowhere to be found in LA or OC outside of the Stadium during their series.

The celebration lasted in the stands as the confetti rained down. No ushers urging everyone to go home. It spilled out into the street. Aside from the hanging of a Tigers skin, there wasn't any negativity or violence that I saw. Just good natured glee from everyone everywhere. My wrist is sore from the constant high fives. The fountains in Kiener Plaza ran red. There was no finding the shuttle or even a taxi, so I just hoofed it back to the hotel, watching the parade of celebrating fans in the street, and then went to meet up with my friend Louis and his friends out at a local bar. It was well worth the trip.

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