October 8, 2006

all's fair

Another weekend, another festival. The Manhattan Beach Old Hometown Fair was this weekend. We rode our bikes down the beach and hiked up the hill to the fest, which was pretty damn big compared to what I expected. Tons of arts and crafts booths which seemed to all look like the same thing, tons of food booths which all had something different, and a huge beer garden (yeah, I just hated that). I still haven't figured out what Lifeguard Fish are, but the highlight for me was something called "pepperbellies". Pepperbellies are much like what I know from Texas as Frito Pies - (Fritos, chili, cheese and onions) but the California version (of course, I have no idea if they originate here). Take the above and add chopped tomatoes, salsa, quacamole and sour cream - all stuffed in a little bag of Fritos. Yum. So much more than fair.

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