October 19, 2006

addicted 2

This is my other addiction. Diet Pepsi. (or any diet caffienated drink). A few weeks ago I decided it was time to give this up - I'd surely be better off without the caffiene and the aspartame. I made it all of a few hours. I actually picked a stupid time to try to quit. I was at deadline for one big project and overlapping some busy early stages of another project. At 3am in the middle of a long night of work, I gave up that bright idea.

I drink tons of liquids. I always have. I pretty much always have a glass with me, be it water, milk, juice, or soda. I could easily drink three liters of soda a day if I let myself (I don't) - and thats in addition to just as much of the other liquids. I did do some research online about withdrawal effects - one of the most interesting is linked below. I probably drink as much as the author of that article, so I don't expect the change to be easy. My friend Bill was giving up caffiene last time I saw him. I havent heard how its gone, but he didn't look too happy about it. My friend Casey also recently dropped it, with no bad side effects to report. He had to have his appendix removed a couple weeks ago though, and he's convinced theyre connected.

The time is coming for me too, but not yet. You can be sure I'll tell you about it here.

  • Men's Health: "Why I Gave Up Diet Soda"
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    XK9 said...

    Bill here. I'm back on the caffeine. It was actually Diet Cokes I was giving up. I had a project last week that required I stay up half the night. I fell back into the rejuvenating embrace of my old friend DC. That was Wednesday. I've pretty much killed the twelve pack Danielle got me. When it's gone I may try abstinence again.