September 29, 2006

writing on the wall

Some shots from the interior of the Richmond Bar and Grill in El Segundo. My friend Casey and I stopped here last weekend after the Richmond Street Fair cause they were serving Bratwurst and Paulaner Oktoberfest beer. I really liked and was intrugued by a lot of the signs inside. I had never heard of Spur Cola ("the cola drink with Canada Dry quality"). But I'm even more intrigued by Ted's Creamy Root Beer. As someone who became a big time baseball fan late in life (well, not in childhood at least), Ted Williams' story has always fascinated me. I was honored to see him in the All Century team at the 99 World Series, and saddened by the family fights that made headlines with his death. My friend Myron and I try to always have a hot fudge sundae at every All Star Game in his honor. Spur cola seems to still exist in Latin America, but is listed as a Coca-Cola product. Hundreds of Ted's Creamy Root Beer signs seem to be available for sale, but no information on if it ever existed as a real soda. Strangely familiar yet mysterious. Something odd and kind of fitting about that.