September 13, 2006

she'll be missed

I was really saddened today to hear that Ann Richards had died. I was lucky to live in Texas when she was Governor. She was one of the best speakers I ever saw - she could wrap you up in her charm, then bite you with wit, and then turn around and be sharp as a tack and haltingly brilliant on serious issues - intertwining them naturally like silk. The coverage I've already seen seems to have anchors talking so suprisedly about this strong woman and Democrat - how could she be so popular in Texas? Its the same tone I get all the time from people suprised how much I love it there and how comfortable I feel there. ("But isn't it so backward and conservative?") Actually, its not. I found people in Texas to be most admirable of a rebel independent spirit. If you were who you were, without shame or pretense, they loved that. That's what Ann Richards was. Theres a common saying in Texas: 'the higher the hair, the closer to God'; I can only imagine what she's sayin up there now.

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XK9 said...

If Hilary had Ann Richards wit and presence, she might make something of herself. Alas, her persona is that of a shrill bitch rather than Ms. Richard's bawdy broad. God bless the broads. There are some great things in the Lone Star State; Governor Richards was one of them.