September 7, 2006


Since I ripped on the redesign of the CBS Evening News the other day, I figured I should post some positive kudos. While my earlier praise of the redesign of CNN International matches my general belief in 'less is more', this is an example of how things I personally am not drawn to - light effects and big 3D - can be used dramatically and effectively when used for a reason, not just for effect.

It took me a while to like the new look of 'Nightline', but that was mainly because the package that preceeded it was also so well done. (I havent been able to find any files of it). The new package was done by the folks at nailgun*, a design house in New York. Their use of 3D and light effects here aren't just decoration, but communicate the concept of information around the globe tied to the shows correspondents in Washington and New York. They have also given a very effective way of treating news video (which is almost always bad quality) to allow it to co-exist as a natural part of the slick environment created for the open. Not an easy task. Also of note is a really great score which not only drives the piece, but also works in seemingly seamless segments that allow for edits of different lengths every night (I havent found who did the music either).

It isn't groundbreaking or revolutionary (good luck getting that past a network exec), but it is well done and effective.

  • Quicktime movie of the Nightline open
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    Tim said...

    I love this quote about Katie Couric's "display case",

    "It was a poor choice, but the lavish newsroom set built as Couric's display case was handsome indeed, gleaming and shiny, with Couric seated eventually at a huge semicircular desk and looking comfortably at home."

    Full link below to Washington Post article which hits some of your same points.