September 18, 2006


More shots from my weekend in SF... One of the things I love about both SF and LA is how easy it is to find yourself in "rural" areas just minutes away from the city, as well as right in the middle of it. I am always amazed how different SF feels from LA in that it is very much a NorthEastern-feeling urban city - easy to get around and live without a car, vibrant and alive with layers of history and culture. LA's growth into the second largest metro in the country is a more recent phenomenon, which is what I guess makes the differences so pronounced - with LA being a vast sprawling car-necessary city. How San Francisco's trolley and transit lines survived the time in the 50s when the big US Automakers bought and then dismantled them in most cities (including LA), I don't know. Along with its natural geography, I think its one of the things that has caused it to stay so rich.

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