September 2, 2006

(chow) chow time?

There's a food, well, a condiment, that I grew up with that I doesn't seem to exist out here, called "chow chow". I'm not kidding. When I was in North Carolina this summer, I bought some at a roadside fruit and vegetable market; and I took these pictures in a local Food Lion of a more commercial brand. A google search brought up all kinds of descriptions and variations (not to mention the dog breed), so it obviously exists in all kinds of forms and styles. I did spot some once at a grocery store here, but it appeared to be a mustardy paste - the chow chow I know is more like a sweet but tangy pickle relish - in both taste and consistency. My Mom used to eat it mixed with cottage cheese, which I, of course, copied. I did come across a great write-up on a food based blog - this seems more like the chow chow I know. Apparently it's often eaten on pinto beans or collard greens. Who knew?

  • Melissa McCart's Counter Intelligence: Chow Chow for Chow
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