September 12, 2006


You may have noticed that I have added a few of my favorite blogs to my links list on the right. is a blog I stumbled upon, one of what they call the Blog-LA-sphere - in that it is based on Los Angeles-centric content. Its full of fun and interesting observations about LA current events and general life in LA. is similar, but with a slant towards the South Bay. For those of you outside of the LA area, the "South Bay" refers to the area stretching from where I live - Manhattan Beach, along with the other 'Beach Cities' of Hermosa and Redondo Beach, plus Palos Verdes, San Pedro and other inland areas bordering these. I don't know if that counts as part of the Blog-LA-sphere or not.

And finally, my Dad's blog. Dad's blog is a little schizophrenic (uh oh, now he's gonna be offended) in that it has two directions - part his DNA/Geneology project that occupies a lot of his time and interest, and part his general life of travels, grandkids, etc that occupies the rest. I guess since together they are his interests, its not so schizophrenic after all. I will admit, as a guy who barely made it through math class and to this day can't balance a checkbook (or just won't - fear of numbers), I'm lost and clueless on his DNA posts, but I love the other slices of life he throws in.

These, together with a few others listed are part of my "Blogarhythm™." I thought I was a genius when I came up with that word, until I googled it. The first hit on Google was a blogpost that said "I thought I'd just come up with the word 'blogarhythm' but Google has trillions of hits." Oh well. Enjoy them anyway.


langolier said...

™? Why do you mark 'blogarhythm' trademarked? When I googled it I couldn't even see that there was a consensus as to what it meant. It's not even in Wikipedia!! Nor in or Merriam-Webster Online.

But then, there must be another side to it. Ah! You must be intending to trademark it yourself so you can start collecting royalties and sponsor your own rodeo. Very clever.


Unknown said...

yeah...the ™ was meant as a joke... :) I wish I could mark it, but its better to share, huh? especially when others came up with it first!