September 1, 2006

back to school?

So a couple weeks ago I got an invitation in the mail for my 20th high school reunion. It has had me in knots ever since. Like a lot of people, high school was a truly awful time that to this day I look back on with resentment. Along with all the typical high school adolescent stuff, it was a lesson in how far adults would go to protect their own self interests, but also how steadfastly my parents would support me when I needed it. They were good lessons to learn.

So why would I go back? I guess maybe I'm hoping to find something good that will heal some of those wounds - so that someday in the future my back wont tense up at the mere mention of my high school. But is it worth flying across the country at the last minute to subject myself to a weekend of discomfort if I don't find that? Since I'm single, I don't even have someone to take with me as comfort to commiserate with. The only high school friend that I've kept in touch with (who also lives in LA) has just had her first child - understandably, she won't be going.

For any of you with similar experiences, I'm curious to hear how it went. Am I dreading nothing? Will it be a lot more fun than I expect? Or should I just stay away and go the Vegas Rodeo instead?!


Anonymous said...

Go to the Vegas Rodeo. Drink beer. Be with friends. Hit the jackpot.

Anonymous said...

Dude stay home and catch some surf!!! I'm going to goto the reunion. I live in Va Beach..... small surf. The trip to Costa in November.