August 1, 2006

taking off

It probably won't be the best episode ever, but the promos have had the very best tease possible. But since Bravo is NBC, and NBC is known for promos that don't match the shows they promote, theres no telling what to expect. Tonight, someone gets kicked off of Project Runway - not for losing the competition, but for cheating. Or so we are told.

Regardless, Project Runway isn't just one of the trash shows I often mention that I love to watch. This one is actually a pretty good show - well written and put together, and based on a reality competition that actually requires some talent from its participants. Tonight is the fourth episode of the season, so unless Bravo makes this a six-episode season like they did with 'Life on the D-List', its still a good time to get into the show. So watch it. It won't change your life, but its fun viewing. And then you can join in the conversations at work the next day.

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