August 29, 2006

one year later

In some ways, the anniversary of Katrina suprises me - it seems like so long ago. I like to think I'm a pretty tuned-in guy to news and current events, but I was surprised by what I saw in a lot of todays coverage. Oddly, it wasn't on the coverage on CNN or news shows, where you always see shots of Bourbon Street and how much things are 'back to normal'; It was on Ellen and MTV and places like that where the cameras went to the 'ordinary' areas and 'ordinary' people - So much is unchanged. So much hasn't been done. And while New Orleans is in terrible shape, the other areas further out are often even worse. I'm trying to find people who live there who know people who need help, or organizations that they have seen making a difference there. In the meantime, the link below lists charities rated by their efficiency and organizational capacity. If I can find some more direct and personal way to help, I'll update you here.

  • Katrina charities ranked by effectiveness

  • A flyover of New Orleans today

  • Katrina's impact factsheet
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    Tim said...

    I was in New Orleans and the surrounding area two months ago. I also saw the Ellen Show yesterday and even THOSE shots do not do justice to the devastation that is still there.