August 22, 2006


Ahhh... My favorite place and one of my favorite things about living in Manhattan Beach is a little unassuming sushi restaurant called Katsu! You'll find it at the corner of Rosecrans and Highland in the El Porto Building - don't look for any big signs, you won't find them. Here, the fun is inside around the sushi bar, but there are also plenty of tables on other levels if you want the private time. The waitresses are fun and welcoming, and Katsu and the other sushi chefs somehow make some of the best sushi I've ever had. Time after time, always amazing. You'll often find the Dodgers or Lakers on the big screen, and they also carry Orion, one of the only beers imported from Japan. Be sure to get the Yellowtail - garnished with a paper thin sliver of jalapeno - never seen it that way anywhere else, and never tasted it that good. If you go, buy the guys a beer, its the least you can do for sushi that good.


Todd said...

So far- still the BEST sushi I've had... sigh

Unknown said...

katsu rocks!