August 18, 2006


My friend and former co-worker (and one of the funniest and nicest guys I know) Ryan Sickler has completed a new movie called "Cutman". Its about a team of boxing trainers with some - uh - unconventional training methods and their quest for a world championship. (At least I think thats right, I haven't seen it). It also stars another friend and pretty damn talented former co-worker, Mickey Briggs.

Theyre puttin it in every film festival they can, so if you see it playing somewhere, be sure to go support it. Even if its a piece of crap. (I'm sure its not.)

Their website is now up and running at

  • Cutman, the movie

    Tim said...

    Is this the guy we went and saw hit stand up comedy routine?

    Unknown said...

    yup, thatd be him