August 16, 2006

cruise lines

I don't know if it's because I live at the beach or just in California, or whether its everywhere, but I am seeing tons of the new Toyota FJ Cruisers everywhere.

I love their design. They've done the perfect job of using retro lines and design cues from the FJ's and Land Cruisers of years ago, yet still keeping it current enough not to feel like just a retro-novelty car, (like say the Ford Thunderbird - which I personally believe was beautiful too, but flopped with buyers). I do wonder if, like the Miata and the PT Cruiser, they will become pigeonholed as steroptype cars, especially because I see so many of them already. Like those, will their popuarity crash and burn almost immediately? BMW did a good job of not flooding the market with the Mini Cooper, so that they are still just as popular years after their launch.

Stop and look at an FJ if you have the chance - the interiors are just as on-the-mark as the exteriors. Unfortunately their gas mileage isn't much better than my old F150 pickup. Surprising for Toyota - maybe they'll come out with a hybrid.

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