August 3, 2006

am i a hoe?

aaahhh... I think I've found my beer. In Pittsburgh, it was common at almost every bar for there to be a pretty wide selection of beers. One that I saw most everwhere was Hoegaarden. I remembered it from Europe, but actually found it to be even better than i remember from when I was there. (Maybe my taste buds have just reverted back to American beer as opposed to all kinds of good European beers, so in contrast it actually is better.) I actually didn't drink Hoegaarden a lot in Europe, though I do remember drinking it at the "lieve" Belgian restaurant in Amsterdam - a journey-changing night when I realized I needed to slow down and decided to stay overseas longer.

Hoegaarden is a Belgian White Beer, somewhat similar to Hefeweizen, it has a malty and spicy taste, while still being fairly light. I ran across it at a store recently, so I decided to look for some on my way home tonight. I'm normally not one to drink at home (thats another story), but I really enjoyed a Hoegaarden this evening when I got home.

The best beer I had during my travels, however, is one that I haven't seen since. Weihenstephan - a rich spicy Weiss beer. I think its time for a hunt... Until then, I've got my hoe.

I really miss Europe.

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