August 31, 2006

all's fair

Yesterday evening was a blast. I drove up to Lancaster, about an hour north of me (of course it took two and a half, but...). One of my favorite singers, Sara Evans, was playing at the Antelope County Fair; so I got my buddy Dave (who lives there) to go with me.

Little did I know that going to the fair with Dave was like going with the Mayor. He grew up in Lancaster and his sister and parents still live there, so you couldn't walk five feet without stopping to shake hands and talk to someone he knew. It was fun. Definitely a small town feelin.

Sara was great, as always, but even the concert was mostly standing around with Dave and his sister's friends (we ran into her there) - including a couple that reminded me of my Mom and Dad - they were a hoot, dancing in the aisle and just having a good ol time.

Afterwards, we wandered around and grabbed a Sioux Burger. Everyone there talked about em like they were common, but I had never heard of one before. (Even Google only brought up a couple matches.) They're ground beef but mixed with potato and maybe other things, wrapped in a fried pasty shell like a turnover. Definitely the best fair food I've had. Even better than a Fletchers corny dog at the Texas State Fair.

The drive back was only an hour, but somehow seemed longer than the drive there. The field trip was worth it. And yeah, the sign in the pic below from yesterdays post does say 'NPRA - National Pig Racing Association...' I love the fair.

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