August 31, 2006

all's fair

Yesterday evening was a blast. I drove up to Lancaster, about an hour north of me (of course it took two and a half, but...). One of my favorite singers, Sara Evans, was playing at the Antelope County Fair; so I got my buddy Dave (who lives there) to go with me.

Little did I know that going to the fair with Dave was like going with the Mayor. He grew up in Lancaster and his sister and parents still live there, so you couldn't walk five feet without stopping to shake hands and talk to someone he knew. It was fun. Definitely a small town feelin.

Sara was great, as always, but even the concert was mostly standing around with Dave and his sister's friends (we ran into her there) - including a couple that reminded me of my Mom and Dad - they were a hoot, dancing in the aisle and just having a good ol time.

Afterwards, we wandered around and grabbed a Sioux Burger. Everyone there talked about em like they were common, but I had never heard of one before. (Even Google only brought up a couple matches.) They're ground beef but mixed with potato and maybe other things, wrapped in a fried pasty shell like a turnover. Definitely the best fair food I've had. Even better than a Fletchers corny dog at the Texas State Fair.

The drive back was only an hour, but somehow seemed longer than the drive there. The field trip was worth it. And yeah, the sign in the pic below from yesterdays post does say 'NPRA - National Pig Racing Association...' I love the fair.

August 30, 2006

fair warning

A fun night at the fair... I'll tell you about it tomorrow. zzzzzz.

August 29, 2006

one year later

In some ways, the anniversary of Katrina suprises me - it seems like so long ago. I like to think I'm a pretty tuned-in guy to news and current events, but I was surprised by what I saw in a lot of todays coverage. Oddly, it wasn't on the coverage on CNN or news shows, where you always see shots of Bourbon Street and how much things are 'back to normal'; It was on Ellen and MTV and places like that where the cameras went to the 'ordinary' areas and 'ordinary' people - So much is unchanged. So much hasn't been done. And while New Orleans is in terrible shape, the other areas further out are often even worse. I'm trying to find people who live there who know people who need help, or organizations that they have seen making a difference there. In the meantime, the link below lists charities rated by their efficiency and organizational capacity. If I can find some more direct and personal way to help, I'll update you here.

  • Katrina charities ranked by effectiveness

  • A flyover of New Orleans today

  • Katrina's impact factsheet
  • August 28, 2006

    sign language

    A sign from one of the exhibits in the TinkerTown Museum. I think it pretty much sums up my feelings on life - and maybe explains why I like to travel so much. Its funny how appropriate to current events that old quotes can be - I hope that's not saying that we just never learn.

    August 27, 2006


    Last Saturday, after the rodeo, my friend Mick took me to a really amazing place that was probably the highlight of the trip to Albuquerque. Hidden on what they call the "Turquoise Trail" is the Tinkertown Museum. The museum is a truly amazing collection that is centered around the carvings created by a guy named Ross Ward over the course of 40 years. Added to the carvings are collections of memorabilia, americana, and all kinds of crazy coin-operated machines from eras long gone. Every inch of space, floor to ceiling, inside and out, is covered. Ross has since passed away. Outside is the car that his wife convinced him to turn into an "art car" as a project in order to get him to stop driving as Alzheimers took over in his last years. The museum is still run by his family and friends.

    If you ever get near Albuquerque, this is one of those stops that you'll never regret.

  • the Tinkertown Museum website
  • August 26, 2006


    Sorry I Haven't posted for a couple days. I do try to post as close to daily as possible, but sometimes I just don't have the time. I'm in the middle of creating graphics packages for a couple television series - more on those later. For now, these images are a preview of tomorrow's post...

    August 23, 2006


    I'm pretty slammed with work right now, so today I'm just posting some random images from the weekend in Albuquerque....

    August 22, 2006


    Ahhh... My favorite place and one of my favorite things about living in Manhattan Beach is a little unassuming sushi restaurant called Katsu! You'll find it at the corner of Rosecrans and Highland in the El Porto Building - don't look for any big signs, you won't find them. Here, the fun is inside around the sushi bar, but there are also plenty of tables on other levels if you want the private time. The waitresses are fun and welcoming, and Katsu and the other sushi chefs somehow make some of the best sushi I've ever had. Time after time, always amazing. You'll often find the Dodgers or Lakers on the big screen, and they also carry Orion, one of the only beers imported from Japan. Be sure to get the Yellowtail - garnished with a paper thin sliver of jalapeno - never seen it that way anywhere else, and never tasted it that good. If you go, buy the guys a beer, its the least you can do for sushi that good.

    August 21, 2006

    hangin around, killin time

    I had a few hours to kill today before my flight out of Albuquerque, so I went up to the Sandia Peak Tramway and took a ride on the World's longest aerial tramway. It took me up to the top of Sandia Peak, which is where my friend Mick had tried to take me on Saturday after the TinkerTown Museum (from the other side of the mountain), but the storms and fog got too bad that day so we had to turn around. The clouds coming over the mountain are apparently typical for this year. They're very cool to see from the ground, but they're something else to go through in the air!

    I decided to cap the day off by revisiting the Frontier diner down by University of New Mexico (another place Mick introduced me too). It seems to be pretty popular no matter what time of day. I opted against the green chiles this time.

    August 20, 2006

    day 2, abq

    More from Albuquerque... another day at the rodeo... drove around town... wandered around Old Town... off to dinner later... not a bad way to fill a day.

    August 19, 2006

    greetings from the abq

    I'm in Albuquerque this weekend for another rodeo. Its a pretty small one here, which isn't a bad thing. Not so many Madonna-style cowboys like at the LA rodeo. This is desert country, but its strangely green. Apparently their monsoon season this year has had an unusual amount of rain, so things are greener than normal. My friend Mick took me to the TinkerTown Museum today after the rodeo, it was pretty amazing. I'll do a post on it alone later this week.