July 17, 2006


So I'm always talking about all the great things about living at the beach. While I still find it surreal to live where people vacation, there are naturally drawbacks.

This is beach schmutz. If your vehicle doesn't stay in a garage, it will be covered in this stuff in a week. This is more than a weeks worth, just to be fair. I've been outta town a couple weeks, and then to top it off, last night we had a total freak of nature: lightning and thunder (which doesn't happen here - period) and a little bit of rain (which usually only happens between December and February). Even the rain was only enough to make things ugly but not wash anything away. I don't know if the schmutz is from general LA pollution, the nearby refinery and sanitation plant, or the moisture and condensation from the temperature changes that happen every night and morning here - I would assume all of the above. Just another part of beach livin.

Good thing wiper fluid doesn't cost as much as gas does.

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rusty said...

maybe you need a truck cover.....