July 12, 2006


It seems a lot of my posts when I travel revolve around food - I don't mean for it to sound like I'm a glutton, though I suppose if I could be comfortable and healthy being fat, then I probably would!! I think my parents were always big about finding restaurants and foods that were local to wherever we travelled when I was a kid, so I've carried that on to avoid chains and find the local foods and places as part of experiencing wherever I am.

We started and ended our All Star Game day with food. The Devonshire sandwich is a local invention (yeah, thats a sandwich in that dish) - its tasty, but left us with a brick in our stomachs and wondering what we had done to ourselves. We went to FanFest and wandered around (with our bricks). FanFest is a convention center event with exhibits and participatory baseball stuff - its fun, but never changes - at all - from year to year. Standing in line for our annual baseball card (pretty much the only reason we still go) took us pretty much up to game time.

The game was fun, of course, despite the continuous drizzle which just made it pretty damn muggy. It was cool for me to see Brad Penny start - and to hear the crowd around us gasping at the speed of his pitches. The guys beside us watched the entire game - literally, beginning to end, without a break - through their cameras. Go figure.

After the game and a few bars and beers, we ended up at Ritters Diner, ending the days with more Pierogis, Gyro meat and feta omelette, and fried green tomatoes (I dont think those are local, but we couldnt resist!). It was a flavorful day.


Tim said...

Devonshire Sandwich. Please don't tell me that Myron forgot to mention that the McDonald's BIG MAC was also invented in Pittsburgh. It is the downtown Mickey D's near the Golden Triangle and a Hilton Hotel. Check the plaque on the wall commemorating the "invention". Hey, it's just as good as a giant ball of string or alligator wrestling as a tourist trap.

Unknown said...

mmmm...that ones probably worth missing. :)