July 18, 2006


So I sit down on Sunday to watch Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer (no, I'm not up that early on a Sunday morning - I have to tivo it. Frankly I don't get the whole Late Edition title... but I guess maybe I'm not the demo!). Anyway, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is blabbing on about something and I'm entranced, but I don't hear a word he's saying. I'm just staring over his shoulder at the giant sign on the building behind him. What is that? Red white and blue, big guy on a horse momument...but isn't he in Russia? Holy crap, its the G8 Summit logo! Great typography. Clean, elegant, but bold and full of presence. You're telling me a government agency did that as a backdrop for a speaker? But where are the cheesy drop shadows and faux 3D highlights? The bad illegible combinations of stretched typefaces? He's definitely not in present day USA!

Geez, now even the Russians are kicking our ass. How have we fallen so low?!

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