July 3, 2006


[written Sunday...posted Monday]

So I've made it here... and if I'm posting this, then it means I also found some wifi somewhere. (My nephew and I both pick up a network called "sheastadium" here, but its password protected. bastards.)

Its been a long day. A redeye flight to Philly. Remind me never to do a redeye again. I can't sleep on planes unless its overseas and I just plain have no choice. In Philly the jetway managed to get stuck on the plane, so we ended up sitting there ready to push off for about an hour while they figured out how to unstuck us. Once in Norfolk I got my car rental. Nothing says "I'm hot" like a white Ford Taurus. It wasn't until I gut stuck in a freeway backup that I realized it doesn't even have a cd player. It does have a cd button, just not a cd player. That's just cruel.

Halfway to the Outer Banks I realize that my eyes have been closed a couple times... so I pull off the road. I turn into a huge fruit market and sleep in the parking lot for an hour. After I wake up I figure I should buy something, so I grab a bottle of chow-chow (another post to come later) and a bottle of jalapeno fig preserves. Ah, gotta love the South.

A couple hours later and I've found the house. Both of my sisters and their kids, along with my parents are here. Oh - and a few dogs. Its dog heaven here. Would you expect anything else?


Anonymous said...

If you find yourself attached to that Taurus, I can get you one with my Dad's Ford discount. I'll be sure they throw in more that a CD player for that button. It will fit in your driveway much better!

Tim said...

Were you redyed (sic) or red-eyed? Have you now changed your hair color in addition to the cut? Have fun on vacation!

I worked the National Independance Day Parade in DC for MPD yesterday.
Number 1 Tourist Question of Police Officer, "Is there a parade going on?" A: "Yes, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade."

Number 2 Tourist Question of Police Officer, "What time do the Fireworks Start?" A: "When it gets dark."

And, I kid you not, Number 3 Tourist Question of a Police Officer, in DC on the 4th of July,....."Is there a Food Court at the National Mall or just stores?", A: <#$*#@!!!

Anonymous said...

you were in philly and didn't stop by? bummer.

Unknown said...

i was redeyed. thats how i meant it. what time do the fireworks start seems like a legitimate question to me!