July 16, 2006


My friend Heith invited me to join him at a pig roast he was going to yesterday. This is an annual tradition some friends of his who live in Playa Del Rey have. Since I'm always up for an excuse to go do something new, as well as always hoping to meet more people near me, I naturally said sure!

We biked up to the roast (a task in itself since my tire is pretty much flat, and the wind wasn't working in our favor). The party was a hoot. Leis hanging in the trees, one group administering shots from frozen buckets of vodka (no, I said no to the shots!), musical entertainment provided by a kareoke machine (really), and of course - the pig. The guys dig a hole probably 6 feet deep in the sand, build a white hot fire of logs covered with rocks, stuff two pigs with other hot rocks, place them on the fire and then bury it overnight. During the party, they dig up the pigs and carry them in for the feast.

Where else are you gonna find that kinda fun? Its fun to be home.


XK9 said...

It would seem the recent trend toward blog posts involving food as a major topic is noteworthy. Any chance you're playing host to a tapeworm?

Unknown said...

i dunno! i loves me some food! im starting to scare myself!