July 3, 2006

iron stomach

Another note for those of you in LA: last year I experienced my first Hermosa Beach Ironman. I highly recommend it.

This is no ordinary Ironman. On the morning of July 4th, a rowdy bunch of guys and girls gets together at a certain point on the beach in Hermosa, north of the Hermosa Pier. The race starts after a very loud and boisterous singing of the national anthem - and everyone runs a leg, then paddles a leg on their surfboard, then comes in and runs to a designated location on the strand, and downs a 6-pack of beer. Once they have finished their 6-pack, they are timed for 20 minutes. The first person to last their 20 minutes without ralphing, wins. Needless to say, the fun is in the spectacle.

I could have my facts wrong as far as the specifics (maybe its a 12pack? Maybe the run a mile? I can't remember exactly...), but you get the idea. Last year's winner was a woman, and I'm pretty sure that they announced that a woman had been the winner for the last three years.

Ralphin on the strand. What better way to celebrate your independence?

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