July 11, 2006

home run

Yesterday we started the day with "gobs", what my friend Myron insists are a Pittsburgh tradition. They are two cake-like patties filled with cream - admittedly the place we got em at was probably just a bad choice, but they weren't too tasty. My teeth are still tingling from the sugarload.

Last night was the Home Run Derby. It's always the highlight of the AllStar "Week" and a lot more exciting than the game itself. Last year we were in right field where, because of Abrieu's 30 or so home runs as a lefty, we were virtually pelted with foul balls in and near our section. After finally remembering to bring gloves this year (which we only bought that afternoon!), our seats in Left Field ended up not yielding us any foul balls. It was still a fun night, especially watching all the balls get blasted directly into the river, which had only happened once before in the ballparks history. And now I even have a new hat.

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rusty said...

yum on the first 2 pics....not a good look for you baseball glove hat...and not crazy about the goatee hair thing either...