July 7, 2006

go fly a kite

Dad brought a kite out to the beach, which became our project for a good bit of time one day. I think it was clear that we weren't professionals. The assembly actually went a lot smoother than the pictures may show, but my biggest amusement was Dad's homegrown bifocals: his sunglasses with his drugstore reading glasses on top of them. And mind you, these aren't any reading glasses - these are his favorite that he's had for years, complete with paint chipping off to the point that it looks like an intentional mosaic pattern, and with one earholding bar (what's that called anyway?) missing completely. The kite sailed pretty well, and was pretty nice looking too. The people next to us seemed a little nervous with it flapping loudly as it was flying over them, and with good reason - it took several kamikaze dives back into the ground. Luckily we had moved the kites position by then, so the only victims were part of our own group. Flying can be hazardous.


rusty said...

looks like your having a good time....but we need more pics of you

Unknown said...

you sound like my mother!

rusty said...

oh come now...i'm not as pretty as her....think of me more as an admirer (big brother)that you never get to see