July 6, 2006


Some glimpses of the week at the beach with the family... Dad walks each dog every day one after the other (you should have seen the fit Edn threw the day he walked Phantom first instead of the usual order)... My nephew Sumner boogie boarding... Hangin out with my sisters... My nephew Evan who can sleep until 1pm - on a futon in the living room with everyone else going through their normal activity around him (remember when you had just finished your freshman year of college and could sleep through anything like that?)... Fireworks everywhere up and down the beach on the 4th (including Sumner's show of fountains and smoke bombs in the street below)...

I usually only get to see my family at Christmas every year, so while I may be taking more time off of work than I can really afford to take at the moment, in the big picture value of life spectrum, I think I made the right choice.

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