July 10, 2006

all star treks

Today was AllStar Sunday with the Celebrity/Legends Softball game and the Futures game. Both of these are pretty much non-events that are just designed to stretch out the AllStar Game into a multi-day event. The Futures game is a 7 inning ballgame of Minor League players; and the Softball game is two teams of "celebrities" - most you've never heard of - and Baseball greats from past eras. Its still a fun day and a good warmup for the next two days. PNC Park is a beautiful park with incredibly friendly people working there. They serve Pierogies there too!

Afterward we trekked around to a few bars for a few beers. Pittsburgh bars (and the ballpark too for that matter) have great beers beyond the standard big American beers like Miller and Coors, etc. I've been pleased to find Hoegaarden (watch it), a Belgian witbier I enjoyed when I was in Europe, at many of the fine establishments in this city. Finally we topped the day of with a trip to Primanti sandwiches as our friend Tim recommended. Going at 230am may not have been the brightest idea - the place was a zoo - but the food was good and the experience was fun. Primanti's, by the way, became big here by coming up with the idea of staying open all night and serving "lunch" to the mill and plant workers in the middle of the night, and by throwing all kinds of things - including the fries and coleslaw - right onto the sandwich itself.

Not a bad way to spend a Sunday...

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Tim said...

2:30 AM is the best time to be at Primanti Bros.!! I can't tell you how many after concerts and sporting events in high school, after bars in college and after wedding receptions I've been there "late night". Glad you got the experience. Add that sandwich to you menu tour of US regional foods.