June 15, 2006

slice of life

I had surgery today. Oh relax, it's not as dramatic as it sounds. Its no big deal and I'm fine. (lets just say it was private and personal more than it was serious, so no, you don't get any more details than that.) What's actually amazing about it is how much of a non-deal it was.

I can only guess that this wasn't this way ten years ago. And certainly not twenty. I walked into my doctors office, waited thirty minutes, sat in a room for ten minutes, endured a procedure for 5 minutes, and then walked out. Done. Period. Now true, what I had done was pretty minor, but still, its just amazing how technology has advanced to make things like this so minor that they're nothing.

I jumped in my truck and went and got a haircut. Then off to a police meeting. Then dinner with friends. It was just one of a day full of errands. Who'da thunk?!

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