June 7, 2006

simply said

I am realizing that the trait I most admire in others work (and strive for in my own) is simplicity. When someone can make a statement, communicate an emotion or idea with very little, I find that powerful.

I first heard this song a couple weeks ago while flipping around the tv and came across the last half of the song being performed on The Tonight Show. At first, I thought the female vocal was Allison Krauss, who I like a lot, so I stopped. When the rap kicked in - and worked so well with the vocal - I was hooked. I turned out that the female vocal is Holly Brook in a song by Fort Minor called "Where'd You Go". (Fort Minor is a solo project by Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda) Rap has never been a favorite genre of mine, but I love this song.

Last night I saw the video on Mtv for the first time. The shots and compositions are excellent. As is the editing. The Director successfully showcases the talent without sacrificing the feeling of the piece. And the emotion is hauntingly powerful. At first I thought what an amazing job the Art Director had done in creating settings and shots that looked and felt so real. A postscript on the video told me that the locations are, in fact, real. The lack of editing tricks and low tech feel keeps the piece raw and real. Kudos to Fort Minor for not going with the expected slick dramatic directions they could have gone.

It may not be your cup of tea, but give it a view:
  • Fort Minor "Where'd You Go" video
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