June 29, 2006

reading is fun-da-mental

Okay, another plug for Kathy Griffin's show on Bravo. Watch it, it'll make you chuckle out loud. And God know we need that nowadays. (Your tivo comes in really handy here.)

And a viewing tip: make sure you read the lower third graphics - you know, those things that come up with the person's name on them. Maybe it's because I'm in this business, but I'm so accustomed to them that I normally never read any of them when I watch tv. But I'm the same way with the annoying 'news crawl' too - its invisible to me. When I'm at my folks' house, Mom always reacts to the crawl and I'm always wondering what she's talking about because its not the topic thats on the main screen at the time - so I guess some people do read em! but I digress....

I'm tired. I need sleep. Read the lower thirds when you watch the show. Bonus chuckles. That's all.


Todd said...

Maybe Kathy will have another ebay auction...I would LOVE to see you on her show. ;-)

Unknown said...

rrright! i dont think id be able to win that one...unless you wanna contribute!