June 5, 2006


These houses are all within the same neighborhood in north Palm Springs. Most are Donald Wexler's 'Alexander Steel Houses' while others are by Palmer & Krisel for the Alexander Company. These are pre-fab steel houses that exemplify what is called "Desert Modernism" around here. Psmodcom says "Notable for its use of glass, clean lines, indoor/outdoor spaces, simple landscaping and sculptural form, [it] defined a lifestyle of elegant informality."

Running across a neighborhood with so many together was a little surreal and kind of a thrill - especially to see them lived in and cared for. I also kind of liked how most seemed to have old trucks in their driveways, not precious bmw's or prestige cars that you might expect. Of course, I don't know that the trucks don't belong to the hired help or something... but I'll stick to my version cause it makes me feel better!

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