June 25, 2006

pies. filling. station.

A few weeks ago, when I was back in Texas and Oklahoma for the Oklahoma City rodeo on Memorial Day weekend, I wrote about stopping for fried pies on the way up to OKC.

Fried Pies are one of those truly regional dishes that are unknown to most of us, including myself before I moved to Texas. The best way to explain them is to think of the Fried Apple Pies that McDonald's served before they were discontinued in 1992; or to think of the packaged "Hostess Fruit Pies" - real fried pies are somewhere between the two, but still very different. For a few years we stopped at place in Texas on the way, until last year when we discovered "Original Fried Pies" in Davis Oklahoma. These blow the other ones away.

Pull off I-35 at Exit 51. In the Sinclair service station with the dinosaur on the service island roof is a little factory of what seem to be family members around a table making pies that don't compare to others. These pies are handmade while you wait - you can order them with fruit fillings, cream fillings (or you can combine the two)' or they also have what they call "savory pies" with flavors like 'broccoli chicken' or 'comfort food' - polish sausage, potatoes, cheese. The crust is fresh and flaky. Fillings are fresh. This is no Hostess or McDonald's Pie.

Granted the highway between Dallas and Oklahoma City may not be a road you travel often, but if you ever do, be sure to stop for pie.


Anonymous said...

These fied pies are the best. They are like the ones my Tennessee grandmother Belle McNabb made. I grew a lot in my grandparents' home in the hills of Tennessee.

I want to order some of these fried pies for my Uncle Bill in California for his birthday this coming Sunday, June 15, 2008. What is the phone number for this business?

Thank you.

Unknown said...

hi! sorry I never saw your comment before now, but in case anyone else stumbles upon this post and wants it, their phone number is 580-369-7830.