June 8, 2006

model patient

Ugh. I hate being sick.

For some reason, I get strep throat all the time. Virtually every Spring and Fall, almost like clockwork, a cold becomes strep. Its never a huge deal, you go to the doc, get some penicillin and it goes away. But man is it a pain. And it hurts! A few weeks ago when I was in San Diego I almost went down to Tijuana to grab a bottle of penicillin just for the next time this happened...but I didn't. So I spend the day on the couch with soup and ice cream waiting for my doc appointment tomorrow.

Thank goodness for VH1 and an all day marathon of America's Next Top Model. That pretty much successfully filled the day. No, I'm not necessarily recommending this as one to put on your watch list, but it was entertaining at least. I'm rooting for Yoanna, who looks just like my friend Tarrer.

And - bonus - theres a new Big Buckin Chicken commercial to make me giggle.

life could be a lot worse.


rusty said...

you need some chicken soup?

Unknown said...

YES! grrrr