June 12, 2006

hemmed in

I'm continuing to be completely wrapped up in my project. After having so much trouble making any good headway for so long with it, its hard for me to stop. That's a good thing. If it weren't for my buddy Casey showing up at my house in the evening to go to the gym, I probably wouldn't even leave the house. Kind of odd, because after several weeks of what we call 'june gloom' - overcast cloudy grey skies that never clear - today was a clear beautiful perfect beach day. I found it matched perfectly with the music by "Hem" who I discovered from the Liberty Mutual commercial. Great stuff. Still, I never abandoned my post. It helps to have a view that you don't want to abandon. I never tire of it. Knock LA all you want, but there are a million ways to find your own "place" here.
  • Hem's web page (link to their myspace page for music streams)
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