June 13, 2006

d-list viewing

I'm still wrapped up in my reel. I was having writers block til I took a break for some tivo. Funny thing about life with tivo is that if you don't know about a show to put it in your list, you may never see it. That doesn't say a lot for guys like me who spend a good part of their living doing work for television promos... Anyway, I never saw the first season of Kathy Griffin's show on Bravo "My Life on the D-List", but now its on my tivo for season two. She just plain cracks me up. I am suprised to find myself laughing out loud more often than during the Daily Show. And the cutaways of her dog Chance are priceless.

"That guy needs a cookie more than I need to be f-ked tonight," Kathy says of a nutrionist that comes to see her. And her parents are just as funny. My favorite was this one from her mother about Kathy's house guest: "He didn't like any of the food...and I think most of the food that he had while he was here, I think anybody - much less a gay - would love it."

Good tv? who knows. (who cares?) Fun tv. Hell yes.

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