May 17, 2006

what's in a name?

My friend Susie lives in Pasadena. Its really Susan, but I get to call her Susie. Just like she gets to call me Jonathan. That's the privilege of knowing someone since kindergarten. She even shared the spotlight on stage in elementary school with me. Of course, I was the one in the bunny suit (as she never fails to remind me).

I got an email from her today announcing that the child she and her husband Tim are expecting is a girl. She is due on 7-11 and, as she put it, "we've been alternating calling her Toolshed (my nephew's idea), Cherry Slurpee, and Xandora the Wanderer. (These last two are courtesy of my 14 year old stepson). All suggestions for names are welcome since you can see we can use all the help we can get."

Susie - er, I mean, Susan - agreed to let me post here for suggestions. So - how bout it? Suggestions?

Personally, I like Toolshed.


langolier said...

Can't use 'Toolshed'. That's a boy's name.

I've always liked 'Rachel'.

Unknown said...

My sister Jaynes passed on in an email how she and my sister, Melanie, wanted my brother Jim to be named Jesus or Moses. (really!). She also said that she thinks Joy and Grace are nice names...