May 15, 2006

thanks, mom

I meant to post this yesterday, but didn't. So I'm extending Mother's Day another day...

I have the best Mother in the world. Hopefully many of you will argue with me. (Not in that my mother isn't, but hopefully, you think that your mother is. I'd like to think that everyone feels as lucky as I do.) My mom is funny and sociable, she never tires of learning, she worries about the world, and she hates my haircut. Mom loves getting to know everyday people and she relishes learning the joy of their lives. I hope I inherited some of those traits from her.

I also believe I inherited my artistic side from her. All of the kids in our family have artistic talents, and my sister Mel and I both made careers in the arts. We all knew my Dad's mother had an artistic side. But it was a surprise to me one day when I uncovered a box of Mom's childhood drawings in the attic.

As I watch my sisters raise their kids, I am constantly amazed by all that they do, and what a selfless place you have to put yourself in as a mother. Mom called me the "caboose" of the family, and there's no question that I benefited like most "baby's of the family" do by being spoiled by those years when the other kids have already left the house. I talked with my Mom yesterday about some of the things I remember her doing, not unlike things I see both of my sisters do for their kids. Motherhood clearly puts you in a new world and I can be nothing but grateful and in awe at how they do it.

Yesterday as Mother's Day was also a mixed day for me in an odd way. My friend Bill lost his mother last week. While I never knew her personally, his blog postings made me feel as though I did somehow. I appreciate him sharing her with those of us that follow his blog. I feel his loss, but I'm glad for both of us and all of you who have been blessed with great mothers. Here's to them.

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