May 4, 2006

skinhead(s?) invade manhattan beach

Ooooooo, my Mom's gonna hate this one.

Back in March, I wrote about my friend Hans who I met in Amsterdam. Hans is a skinhead, so I told him that if he ever came to visit me in LA, I'd shave my head. Oops. Well, he did. For the record, I have always wanted to try the shaved head thing anyway. I actually wanted to do a mohawk for a week or so before shaving it clean, but I didn't plan well enough for that one. Maybe next time.

So Hans was here yesterday and today - I took him around to some of my favorite places here in Manhattan Beach, including Shellback and Katsu! And in true multiculturalness (is that a word?), today he bought himself a pair of Wranglers. Kumbayaa.

As for the hair, I'm not sure if I'm digging it or not. Considering how short I always kept it anyway (much to Mom's dismay - 'but you always had such pretty curly hair'), I'm surprised how different it looks and feels. I suspect I'll like it better after a couple days fuzz grows out. Regardless, I'll keep it a couple weeks to see if it grows on me. (RA! sorry, couldn't resist.)

In my Mom's defense, I should also say that she and Dad were always a sport during high school about my hair. Every couple weeks I would come home with something different - shaved patterns on the sides, a long orange bang in front a la Flock of Seagulls. They even fought the school board to help me keep my rattail. (shut up, it was the 80s). They'd always just laugh and say "okay, lets see what you did this time". I guess as long as I was keeping my grades up and not getting into trouble, they were okay with it. As long as I didn't get an earring.

Change is good. Don't worry, it grows back. But I do still have a hole in my ear. (from AFTER college)


langolier said...

You didn't mention dad's earring.


rusty said...

please let this be a SHORT faze...i like a little hair on the head.....