May 7, 2006

second opinions?

As I continue to branch out as my own employer and work as a freelance designer and creative director, I come across issues that some of you out there have probably already dealt with, so I figured I'd ask here for advice. This one involves both money and health - so its one of those things I'd be less likely to ask people for fear of being invasive or too personal, yet this forum gives me a way to put the question out there.

My last month of health insurance through my old employer is this month. I can elect to continue with their health plan for a limited time (like 12 or 18 months I think). This would cost me about $430 a month. So as I look into my other options, does anyone have any advice? Companies or plans they are happy with? Or ones they've had bad experiences with? Snags or fine print to beware of?

A Google search took me to, which gave me a bunch of quotes for PPO's and HMO's at around $100 a month from companies like Blue Shield, Kaiser, Aetna etc. That leads me to the feeling of 'thats gotta be too good to be true'. Something doesn't make sense there. And maybe I'm being silly, but picking a health plan from a website just feels like I'm asking for trouble.

So - if you've been through this yourself and are willing to share some advice, drop a comment here or send me an email. Thanks!


Todd said...

I'm currently paying $523 a month that includes optical and dental coverage. It's an Aetna PPO plan.
I can't imagine that a $100 plan would cover much.

Danielle said...

I had a Blue Cross plan (I can't remember if it was HMO or PPO) when I first moved to LA. I was freelancing and had no choice. It was somewhere between $100-150 a month and I was happy with the coverage. I was able to go to the doctor when I needed, only had a $20 copay and $10 on prescriptions. I was amazed at how much easier it is to get good insurance cheap in California (apparently they have laws to keep it affordable in this state). Obviously healthcare has gone up since then, but it should not be too bad. I do know a friend who has Kaiser and is unhappy with it though, and she isn't the first I've heard that from so be warned.