May 26, 2006


I am in Dallas getting ready to venture on what has become an annual roadtrip every Memorial Day weekend to Oklahoma City with two of my best friends, Myron and Tres (and Myron's dog Earnest), for the OKC Rodeo. Unfortunately, Tres is not feelin well enough to join us this year, and Earnest will be sittin this one out too. (These images are from last years adventure).

Over the years the trip has also become something of a food fest - and true to a lot of indigenous Texas and Oklahoma foods, they aren't too healthy. The highlight of the trip up is always fried pies. These are similar to what I grew up only knowing as Hostess Fruit Pies - so take those and imagine them freshly made with homemade crusts and fillings. Last year, we found a new place (well, new to us) that also featured meat and vegetable fillings. yum.

OKC also is home to our favorite drive-in, Del Rancho, which makes chicken fried steak sandwiches the size of both of your outstretched palms, served complete with tater tots and cherry limeade. Traditional stops also include Cattleman's steakhouse, Bricktown Ballpark (more for the game than the food), and the boys will usually indulge me with a stop at a Texas Dairy Queen for my personal favorite, a Steak Finger Basket. Heaven in a box. Or heart attack in a box. or both.

Fasten your seat belts, and make sure they're adjustable for the ride home.

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